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Wastewater treatment system one2clean plus XXL

The advanced wastewater solution!

A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. With one2clean plus XXL, you will be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your waste water, while taking care of your budget and the environment.

one2clean plus XXL dispenses with the unnecessary extras, making it a reliable solution:

  • Only one tank with only one chamber required 
  • Less energy consumption and less wear
  • No mechanical elements in the waste water
  • No pumps in the waste water
  • No electrical components in the waste water
  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • 2 years warranty on technology
  • 15 years warranty on sewage reservoirs

one2clean plus XXL is a clean solution

  • one2clean plus only needs 3 steps to produce clear water
  • one2clean plus is odourless
  • one2clean plus already meets the needs of tomorrow

one2clean plus XXL is excellent value for money

  • Incredibly little sewage sludge
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Minumum power consumption

one2clean plus XXL offers maximum safety and reliability

  • Low space requirements
  • Long warranty and lifetime
  • Twice the buffer volume

Scope of supply for: Carat tank XXL, each with maxi tank dome, mini telescopic dome shaft, 1x installation kit one2clean plus XXL (incl. internal cabinet), SBR-hoses on request, External control cabinets on request


24 Inh., 3,600 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)

32 Inh., 4,800 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)

45 Inh., 6,750 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)

50 Inh., 7,500 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)

60 Inh., 9.000 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)

70 Inh., 10.500 l/d

order no.Volume (l)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)add to enquiry
Weight (kg)


External plastic cabinet L


External steel cabinet XL

For 45 - 150 Inhabitants

[Auf Anfrage]

+P Phosphate removal package

[On request]

+H Hygiene package

The clear water extracted is also irradiated with strong UV light. Microorganisms are reliably killed as a result.

[On request]

+C Carbon infeed


+D Package for denitrification (removal of nitrogen)


+O Outlet with clear water pump


+R Remote transmission


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