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Anaerobix XL

Septic tank with biological filter system

Dimension drawing

Simple and low-cost

  • Anaerobix is the new low-cost anaerobic filter system for wastewater in Graf tanks
  • Filled with the carrier material supplied, it increases the cleaning performance of a wastewater tank several times over. The large surface of the recyclable plastic carrier material (141 m2 /m3 ) allows the biofilm responsible for the cleaning process to cover a large area.

The benefits of the Anaerobix system at a glance

  • Very good cleaning performance: efficiency over 90%, PIA-certified (Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology)
  • No power consumption, no electrical or mechanical components (e.g. pumps or float switch) in tank
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Installation in proven Graf tanks
  • Easy to install with standard DN 100 pipes
  • Very good value for money


22-33 Inh., 4,950 l/d

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Volume (l)add to enquiry
350020403235, 119510000, 1000
Septic Tank Carat XL 10000 l + Anaerobix filter Erdtank 1000 l

33-53 Inh., 7,950 l/d

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Volume (l)add to enquiry
466025003500, 130016000, 1600
Septic Tank Carat XXL 16000 l + Anaerobix filter Cristall 1600 l

53-88 Inh., 13,200 d/l

order no.Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Volume (l)add to enquiry
704525003500, 155026000, 2650
Septic Tank Carat XXL 26000 l + Anaerobix filter Cristall 2650 l

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