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Infiltration tunnel twin 600 L

Space-saving and good value. Specifically designed for use in private and rural areas. 

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Infiltration Tunnel Twin vehicle loading


  • Specially designed for the detention and infiltration of rainwater, for a controlled drainage of rainwater into the groundwater.
  • The infiltration tunnel twin is space-saving and cost efficient.In comparison to the infiltration tunnel, it offers on the same buildingarea a double infiltration- or detention volume- 600 litres.
  • The infiltration tunnel twin is laid on one level and can be expanded as necessary.
  • The installation of the modules is easy and quick.
  • The installation can be done without heavy equipment. One infiltration tunnel twin only weights 20 kg.
  • The single modules are stacked in line and provided with two end plates.
  • In order to facilitate free design of the surface above, the system can be permanently loaded with approx. 3.5 t per m2 and, thus, is suitable for vehicle loading.
  • 5 years warranty



600 l

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End plate for infiltration tunnel 300, suitable for vehicle loading

Set 2 units


Inspection end DN 200


Deaeration end DN 100


Graf-Tex geotextile size 2.50 x 2.50 m

for an EcoBloc Inspect flex, Rain Bloc and an infiltration tunnel


Graf-Tex geotextile

Material sold by the metre, roll width 5 m


Sedimentation filter shaft suitable for pedestrian loading


Infiltration filter shaft, vehicle loading


Universal Filter 3 external suitable for pedestrian loading


Universal Industrial Filter 3 external suitable for pedestrian loading


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