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EcoBloc light

Stormwater management system with various applications: Rainwater infiltration, Stormwater attenuation, Rainwater harvesting, Lorry-bearing 12 tons, 630 m³ (22.250 ft³)/Truck

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EcoBloc light
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EcoBloc light

Various applications: Rainwater infiltration, Stormwater attenuation, Rainwater harvesting

  • High storage volume
    GRAF infiltration modules have three times the storage volume of a standard gravel infiltration ditch. One module therefore takes the place of around 1300 kg (1,4 tons) of gravel or a 50 m (164') drainage pipe. Since you don‘t have to excavate so much soil and enjoy great value for money compared with a standard gravel infiltration ditch, the GRAF modules save you hard-earned cash!
  • Service life of over 50 years
    A durable product design ensures sustainability. The GRAF EcoBloc system and the Vario 800 flex shaft system is designed for a service life of over 50 years.
  • Easy to install
    The modules are fitted simply, at speed and in various ways. They can be installed without heavy machinery – one EcoBloc Inspect flex module weighs just 8 kg (17.6 lbs), even only 7 kg (15.4 lbs) for one EcoBloc light.
  • Up to 97 % reservoir volume
    The GRAF EcoBloc light has a gross volume of 225 litres (59.4 US gal.) and a reservoir volume of 219 litres (57.9 US gal.). With a reservoir volume in excess up to 97 %, it is a market-leading product. The EcoBloc variants maxx and Inspect flex still offer a reservoir coefficient of 96 % despite their high load-bearing capacity.
  • Installation depth of up to 4 metres (13'1.4")
    Even under very heavy loads, GRAF EcoBloc light modules can be installed at a depth of up to 4 metres (13'1.4"). This means that up to 9 layers are possible. Please consult GRAF when the installation depth is greater than 4 metres.
  • 5 years warranty

Eco-friendly product – green logistics:

  1. Stackable
    To save space during transport, the EcoBloc maxx and EcoBloc light modules are stacked into each other. This minimizes transport costs, storage space in stock and CO2 emissions.
  2. Easy installation
    The EcoBloc base plate forms the foundations of each EcoBloc system. Up to 10 EcoBloc modules can be fitted on one base plate.
  3. Ready
    The side faces are sealed with EcoBloc end plates. The EcoBloc system can be adapted to match individual requirements.





EcoBloc light

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EcoBloc light base plate

Forms the foundation of the EcoBloc light system


EcoBloc light end plates (Set 2 units)

The outside surface of an EcoBloc light system is sealed by end plates with contact surfaces DN 100 (4") / 150 (6") / 200 (8") / 250 (10")


EcoBloc connectors

Set consisting of 10 units


Deaeration end DN 100


EcoBloc adapter plate

Connectors: Ø 300 mm open , Ø 400 mm and Ø 500 mm possible


Graf-Tex geotextile size 2.50 x 2.50 m

for an EcoBloc Inspect flex, Rain Bloc and an infiltration tunnel


Graf-Tex geotextile

Material sold by the metre, roll width 5 m


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