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Sedimentation filter shaft, suitable for vehicle loading

To clean rainwater before infiltration.

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Sedimentation filter shaft

  • 3-stage cleaning process
    - Fine filter basket (0.35 mm mesh width)
    - Sedimentation zone
    - Submerged pipe as oil separator
  • Low installation depth from 1,000 – 1,500 mm using telescopic dome shaft
  • Suitable for pedestrian loading with plastic cover
  • Cover has child-proof lock
  • Sealed up to the earth surface
  • Maximum 1000 m² to the sealed surface to be connected
  • DN 150 connections
  • Sedimentation shaft to retain dirt before the infiltration system
  • Ideal for large plants
  • With extraction device for easy extraction of the sieve insert

Sedimentation filter shaft, suitable for vehicle loading

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