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Rain collector Speedy

The installation champion - Installed in 5 minutes

The ideal solution for downpipes with a small diameter, e.g. in summerhouses and carports

Filling device Mini grey

The slim version for big roof areas. Up to 200 m²

Regendieb Pro grey

Installed in 5 minutes

Rain collector Rapido

Rain collectors and downpipe filters - for maximum water quality

Rain collectors and downpipe filters to suit a wide range of requirements: The Speedy rain collector connects your water butt to the downpipe in just 5 minutes. The Pro downpipe filter, can be used for roof areas of up to 200 square metres. The internal filter of the GRAF downpipe filters and rain collectors deliver outstanding water quality and feature an automatic overflow inhibit. 

Filling device de luxe Grey

Downpipe filter with sieve as foliage guard.

Regendieb Brown

Self-cleaning downpipe filter to clean the rainwater flowing from the roof of leaves and other impurities

Filling device Grey

Downpipe filter with sieve as foliage guard

Foliage guard grey

Ideal for heavy leaf fall. The foliage guard reliably separates foliage and coarse dirt out of the side of the housing

Rain collector Rapido Quattro

Installed in 5 minutes

Downpipe filter Quattro Beige

Suitable for oval and square downpipes

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